Getting started in Path of Exile

Getting started in Path of Exile

In poe exalted you don’t have to buy tons of potions. Your flasks will refill as you kill enemies. These flasks can also have different stats to increase the healing effect somehow or give temporary bonuses.

Scrolls are your friends, you will find a lot during your journey and there are two types of them. With Portal Scroll you can get to town whenever you want just like in Diablo. With Scroll of Wisdom you can identify your unidentified items.

There is no gold in Path of Exile, it is replaced with currencies. The scrolls mentioned above are also count as currencies. When you sell an item to a vendor you will receive whole piece of currencies or fragments and shards which later can be turned into a whole one. Currencies can also be traded with vendors for a different one with different quantity.

One of biggest deals in Path of Exile is the skill tree which may seems extremely hard to learn at first but its not that hard as it looks. You start on a specified part of the Skill Tree when you create a character and you can go anywhere from that point. This means you can even focus on magic with your melee fighter character. The skill tree only allows you to spend point between your passive spells. Active spells are learned through gems, which can be found below. It is also possible to undo a used skill point with Orb of Regret which can be found at almost any stage of the game, even in Normal Difficulty. There are several sites where you can plan your own skill tree, spending your points.

You start with no spells but you can learn a new one every time you equip an item with a skill gem in it. Later in the game these gems will synergize that’s why equipping items with linked sockets are important. The skill gems are leveling up with you, they gain experience and they are getting stronger with your level.Path of Exile has 7 different classes with almost no limitations. This means every class can learn every skill, can be built in almost every way so even your spellcaster Witch can be decent in melee fights, just like your Ranger can be adept at magic. Scion is the only character that is unavailable for new players, you need to rescue her in a quest in Act 3 to make her available.

In Path of Exile Maps provide the endgame content. The first tier of maps can be found during your journey while questing. You can open up these maps in Act 3, Eternal Laboratory. We also have a guide about Maps that can be found here and you can learn about it in details.see more

War for the Atlas

War for the Atlas

On December 8th, poe orbs launches its new expansion, called War for the Atlas and it will be launched along with a new 3 months challenge league, Abyss.

Path of Exile War for the Atlas includes high variety of new content such as new bosses, 32 new maps, new Shaped and Elder items and over 50 new unique items. War for the Atlas also presents ten new gems (4 active skills and 6 support skills) for Path of Exile players.
Together with the new spell gems, unique items and maps, the new expansion will also bring us six new divination cards, giving us the opportunity to get items like Chin Sol, Corrupted unique jewel, Unidentified Tier 16, Superior portal gem and Meginord`s Girdle belt.

New skill gems

GGG announced the release of 10 new gems, but at this very moment we have detailed informations for only 8 of them. All the active skills are based around manipulating the corpses.
With the Cremation skill gem for example, when you kill an enemy you can make it explode, then its corpse will deal area damage and turns the corpse into a volcanic geyser which repeatedly unleashes projectiles over the surrounding area.

The next new skills gem is called Unearth and it fires and projectile, that pierces through enemies and creates a bone archer in the area where it lands.

Bodyswap is the third skill gem which allows you to make your own bodies explode, together with a targeted nearby corpse, dealing fire damage around it.

The last announced new gem is called Volatile Dead, again based on fire damage. With this skill you can explode corpses dealing damage in a small area and creating an orb that’s moving towards nearby enemies before dealing spell damage in a large area.
Those new gems are giving opportunities for new builds, and a different playstyle.At the beginning on the Abyss League players will have the opportunity for a fresh start. As the players explore the different zones, cracks open up in the ground that ripple out ahead. Following these cracks, as quickly as players can keep up will lead them to more and more monsters. The cracks will end with a giant hole with hordes of enemies and a challenging bosses. If you are quick enough with your spells, you can claim a valuable reward. The exlusive Abyssal unique items can only be dropped by the bosses of these events.visit homepage

What Keeps Us Coming Back in the Elder Scrolls Online?

What Keeps Us Coming Back in the Elder Scrolls Online?

We’ve recently celebrated the game’s 4th anniversary. eso gold It’s kind of shocking that it has been that long already. One of the biggest reasons I keep coming back/subscribing to the game would be the community. I’ve spoken on the multiple guilds I am a part of and with that I have made many friendships along the way. I speak to these people more than my own family at this point. Of course, you can get the really cheap Eso gold here, is a reliable online Eso-gold Service store. The amount of time I have put into doing PvE activities with them and other things keeps me coming back. Every week we have a different challenge we give each other. Speed runs, solo runs, etc. You know it, we have probably bet on it. In the many MMORPGs I have played, I have likely made more friendships in Elder Scrolls Online than any other game. Why I keep coming back.

Even though I have completed the majority of the content in Elder Scrolls Online, I am still finding myself with more things to do. I am still theory-crafting with all the classes and improving each of my characters every day. My new kick is trying out Vampirism and Werewolves. I’m not too sure which one I like the most, but I will say I like the idea of being a Vampire.

The excitement of new content coming with Summerset has me wanting to play more in anticipation. With all the anticipation over the new skill set, my theory-crafting brain is just waiting for new details. I think I may be more excited with Summerset than I was with Morrowind – I am reserving that because I hope the Psijic skill line won’t be as disappointing to me as The Warden was. Yes, I know some people were overall happy with the Warden class, but for people like me who were left wanting more, I hope that this skill line doesn’t leave us with the same taste in our mouth. Again, I have high hopes overall with this Chapter. I don’t think I will speed through the main story quest as I usually do.

Speaking of new content, since launch we have had a plethora of content come through the gates of Zenimax. This is probably a bigger reason for continued play than the community. We have had new things to do like clockwork all the time. We all know of games that are currently out there that don’t come out with new content or if they do, it’s far too late. We don’t have this problem at all with Elder Scrolls Online. Read More

What’s next for Final Fantasy XIV after Stormblood

What’s next for Final Fantasy XIV after Stormblood

“In terms of how far in advance we’re thinking about our schedule, roughly we plan up to two years ahead,” ffxi gil director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, reveals. The MMORPG’s second expansion, Stormblood, only launched back in June, but the team’s eyes have been turned to what’s next for a while, and far beyond that, too.

Haven’t played Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion yet? Here are the five biggest changes Stormblood brings.

However, Stormblood didn’t exactly have a comfortable start, which forced the team’s vision out of the future and brought them crashing back into the present. A number of snags in its early days left some players unable to progress or completely unable to log in to the game. Sure, busy servers are to be expected at the launch of an expansion, but the issues that plagued Stormblood seemed extreme. The team worked to resolve the problems as fast as they could but had to do so while also in the midst of fending off an aggressive DDoS attack. It seems the popularity of Final Fantasy XIV had made it a target.

“We had problems with the duty finder, down time, bottlenecks on some of the instanced content, and there were other incidents and accidents that happened that may not have been seen in the public,” Yoshida explains. Though he was disappointed with the launch and the setbacks they faced, he has immense praise for the efforts of the development team and what they achieved. It’s easy to see why.Eventually, once the game had been stabilized, Stormblood was appreciated by fans and critics for all of its new features. It offered a grand and expansive adventure that sent players on a journey through the regions of Doma and Ala Mhigo. Two new jobs inspired players to start a whole new level grind: the acrobatic spellslinger, Red Mage; and the stoic duelist, the Samurai. Meanwhile, new dungeons and encounters proved the team are still able to invent unique and iconic moments within the sometimes difficult confines of an MMO.

By now, many have seen the new content to its conclusion, and have been left wondering what’s next. With prior expansions A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, the Final Fantasy XIV development team had settled into a comfortable rhythm of releasing patches and new content. Will that same approach be applied post-Stormblood as well?Click Here

Blood Elves is Enough to Get Hardcore BE Horde Fans Excited

Blood Elves is Enough to Get Hardcore BE Horde Fans Excited

Recently, some WoW fans raise their questions about Golden or blue eye options for the Blood Elf race in World of Warcraft. Actually, a stunning golden option is now included in the alpha build preparing for the huge Battle for Azeroth expansion coming soon. received a confirmation that Wowhead has shown some fans’ favorite races. Today let’s take a quick look at Golden Eyes. In addition, we welcome you to buy WoW mounts and buy wow gold items from raiditem.
According to a recent datamine over at Wowhead, we’ve got an interesting look into what’s new for one of my favourite races in the popular MMORPG. Though the design team has stated that they were interested in focusing on the Allied races, what’s been found for the Blood Elves is enough to get hardcore BE Horde fans excited:

We don’t technically know yet whether or not these will applicable to everyone as far as customization goes, or if this cosmetic change will just apply to NPCs. Perhaps it will be unlockable during a specific quest, which is also likely. For now, though, World of Warcraft fans can at least oggle the godly designs for our beloved Horde beauties while we collectively cross our fingers that this option will be available to all. It’s definitely plausible, I mean … if Orcs can get straight spines, we can get those cool eyes, dammit.

In the meantime, the next adventure begins this summer, with a projected date for release on the website for September 21st. Players who pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth today can begin their journey to recruit four of the expansion’s new Allied Races, each representing comrades they’ve fought alongside on the Broken Isles and Argus in the game’s most recent expansion, Legion. Upon winning the respect of an Allied Race by completing quests and earning reputation, players will unlock the ability to create characters of that race and set out on a new adventure across Azeroth Alliance players can add the shadow-touched Void elves and valiant Lightforged draenei to their ranks, while members of the Horde will be able to bring the ancient Nightborne and noble Highmountain tauren into their faction’s fold—with additional Allied Races to come in the future.

Pre-ordering comes with a lot of bonuses, included early access to Allied Races, a level boost, and more. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with tons of in-game loot spanning across many Blizzard franchise. Here’s what you need to know:Battle for Azeroth is set to be released this summer with all known features and predictions on the way. If you want to unlock more guides to play World of Warcraft new expansion, come to raiditem where you can also enjoy the most professional WoW power leveling service and the most valuable guide for gameplay.visit homepage

All the best TV series streaming right now

All the best TV series streaming right now

The WIRED guide to the best TV series on Netflix is the ideal way to avoid spending 30 minutes desperately browsing menus. It’s updated weekly, so there’s always something new and we try to pick out the less obvious gems lurking in Netflix’s digital dustbin.To get more TV series, you can visit shine news official website.

If none of them capture your imagination, try our picks of the best documentaries and the best films on Netflix UK for more options. And if you have Sky, take a peek at the best box sets on Sky and Now TV.While best known these days for playing the unlucky-in-everything Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones, Iain Glen shows he can play tough and smart with Jack Taylor – the drink-loving curmudgeonly ex-cop.

Having been kicked out of the Irish national police for assaulting a suspect, Jack takes on private detective work around the permanently grey and clouded Galway. He is assisted by Cody, a young ‘fan’ who Jack finds both irritating and invaluable; and Kate, Taylor’s inside source for the police who tries to keep him generally on the right side of the law.

Be warned: the stories, based on the books of Ken Bruen, are pretty miserable affairs, and Jack Taylor rarely gets a break even when he’s solved a case. But the 90 minute episodes are uniquely Irish and are still fresh despite the private eye and film noir clichés present in spades. Not innovative as a show, but with well executed essentials and Gallic flavour. Watch it now on Netflix.
No T, no shade! RuPaul’s Drag Race is quite possibly the only reality TV show worth watching. Why? It’s got a heart. And it’s got RuPaul. It’s also got an amazing, very human cast of characters and, mercifully, doesn’t fall into the insincere, heartstring-tugging nonsense that plagues some of the more well-known offerings. The format is pretty simple: a group of drag queens dance, act, pout, sew and glue gun for victory. Every episode centres on a specific task, normally involving some innovative arts and crafts, before concluding with a catwalk-off to pick the winners and the losers – followed by an epic lip-sync showdown. But what really makes this the queen of reality shows is the people. In short: it’ll make you feel good about the world and the wonderful people in it. Now sashay away.
Manhunt: Unabomber is a crime drama based on the FBI’s hunt for serial bomber Ted Kaczynski (played by Paul Bettany), who mailed a string of homemade bombs to targets including academics, airlines and executives between 1978 and 1995. The series focuses on FBI profiler James Fitzgerald (Sam Worthington), who attempts to find linguistic clues in the bomber’s political writings in order to identify him. It’s a fast-paced, high-stakes investigation, and the show gets under the skin of both protagonists, who we are led to believe have a lot more in common than they would perhaps like to admit.Queer Eye is back, with a new Fab Five ready to bring a bit of pizazz back to lives that have lost their mojo. Fifteen years since the reality show first hit TV screens, Netflix has reinvigorated the format with a new team of lifestyle experts ready to school their makeover subjects on fashion, food, grooming, culture and interior design. The remake is as cheesy and indulgent as ever but also manages to remain remarkably relevant; one memorable episode sees culture expert Karamo Brown, who is black, discuss Black Lives Matter with Cory, a white, Trump-supporting cop. But don’t worry, they soon get back to more conventional Queer Eye concerns – like how to use hair pomade and find the perfect pocket square.

The Importance of Modern Technology

The Importance of Modern Technology

Modern technology has become so entrenched in the idea of a modern society that the two are nearly inseparable. Developing countries try to get better utilities, more vehicles, faster computers, as well as Internet and cell phone providers because that’s what makes a modern society. Modern technology must be implemented in order to accomplish the feats required of a modern society.To get more modern technology, you can visit shine news official website.

One of the biggest benefits of modern technology is that human longevity and health have improved because of its application. As understanding of the body and its functions improves, and as new tools to help heal it (lasers, sonograms, enhanced medication, and nonintrusive surgical tools, just to name a few) are created, life lasts longer. Not only does life extend, but people can live more comfortably, and recover from wounds and diseases that even a half a century ago would have been fatal. In many cases these people live full, productive lives.Modern technology has revolutionized how people communicate. Since World War II, telecommunications and mass media have been growing by leaps and bounds. Radio, telephone, satellite communication, cellular technology, wireless Internet … in the modern day two people can chat via a computer when they’re on opposite sides of the planet. Communication has shrunk the world, bringing people from all cultures and backgrounds into contact with each other.
Modern technology allows resources to be expanded and for previously unused ones to be tapped into. If electricity is the lifeblood of a modern society, for instance, modern technology allows it to be harnessed in new ways. Coal-fired plants and gas-driven turbines are old, but serviceable. Wind and tidal generators use modern technology to harness forces on a scale that our ancestors would have thought impossible. Modern technology has also provided ways to grow more food, transport more people and make more products for a growing society.
What modern technology really represents is an increase in knowledge and how people can use it. Modern technology is usually the direct result of discovery and experimentation. Technology is defined as the scientific method being used to achieve a commercial or industrial goal. So to create technology, a bigger base of knowledge and understanding must be created from which to draw on. As improvements are made to technology, so too are improvements made to the pool of knowledge.
Technology is also the application of knowledge, science and tools in ways that accomplish tasks more effectively. A simple look at how technology has become interwoven into modern life can show its importance. Technology allows many businesses to function properly, allows many people to work from home and helps companies around the world communicate. Modern technology builds prosthetic limbs, creates inventive surgeries and grows more food for a rapidly growing population. It creates more efficient vehicles and allows humanity to expand its knowledge even further.

Cable to Optimize Your Network

Most people use copper patch cords with 24AWG copper conductors today. AWG, short for American Wire Gauge, is an index which shows the cross-sectional area of a round wire. But 24AWG cable arouse many challenges like the limited space for management and restricted airflow. So 28AWG wire is introduced. This article will introduce 28AWG cable to deal with those challenges.

The larger the gauge, the slimmer the Ethernet cable. 28AWG Ethernet cable is obviously thinner than 24AWG cable. The outer diameter (OD) of a typical 24AWG Cat5e cord is about 0.215 inches. The OD of 24AWG Cat6 cable is 0.235 inches and 0.275-inch OD of 24AWG Cat6a. Usually the larger the gauge, the smaller the wire. So the cords that use 28AWG conductors have smaller outer diameter. In the following figure, you can clearly see that the OD of a 28AWG Cat5e cable is 0.149 inches. The ODs of 28AWG Cat6 and 28AWG Cat6a cables are respectively 0.15 and 0.185 inches. With such small OD, what benefits does 28WG cable have? Please keep reading the following article.
As mentioned above, the cord size of 28 AWG cable is much smaller than that of 24 AWG wire. The use of 28 AWG wire can significantly save more space compared with traditional 24 AWG wire. As the figure below shows, there is a big difference of the bundle size between 24 AWG and 28 AWG Cat6 patch cords.PoE technology has been increasingly utilized these years. 28AWG patch cords can support the highest PoE levels today. When connecting PoE with copper patch cords, the number of cables per bundle should be restricted considering the temperature rise. For 24AWG wires, the maximum cables of a bundle is 96. When using 28AWG cable, because of its smaller size, more heat can occur since the cables are closer together. So 28AWG cable must be grouped in smaller bundles such as 24 or 48 cables per bundle to stay within the recommended temperature rise. For 802.3af and 802.3at standard, 48x28AWG cables can be bundled together. But for 802.3bt standard with higher power level, 24x28AWG cables is the maximum per bundle.
Gauge of the conductors mainly affects the size of an Ethernet cable. The above content has mentioned that 28AWG cable have many advantages compared with 24AWG cable. It can solve some troubles in current telecom rooms and data centers and offer the benefits of space saving, higher-density layouts, easy cable management, cost and time reduction. But the smaller the diameter of a wire, the more electrical resistance when it carries signals. So Ethernet cable with a smaller gauge can support longer data transmission distance since it offers less electrical resistance. While Ethernet cables with 28AWG conductors are not very suitable for long distance network applications because they offer more resistance which generates more heat. Thus, if you need to build a network requiring further distance transmission, you are suggested to choose 24AWG cable. Of course there are many other factors you should consider, including network speed (Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a), shielded or unshielded cable for indoor or outdoor use.look at this now

Do You Know About Optical TAP Cassettes?

The need for real-time network traffic monitoring in today’s intelligent data center has become compelling. Data center network administrators need to gain better visibility of their networks, optimize the performance of mission-critical applications and, more importantly, secure their networks. Optical traffic access point (TAP) cassettes are hardware tools that allow you to monitor your network, which make a 100% copy of your network’s data allowing your monitoring tools to see every bit, byte and packet. In fact, optical TAP is one of the most efficient ways to monitor traffic and network link quality in data center and telecom carrier networks. Have you ever used fiber optic tap in your network? Let’s get close to passive network TAP together in this article.
Optical TAP is an access point installed in networks that provides real-time monitoring of ports. Typically, the data is used to monitor for security threats, performance issues, and optimization of the network. Optical TAP is a passive device that integrates TAP functionality into cable patching system, which requires no power of its own and does not actively interact with other components of the network. Instead of two switches or routers connecting directly to each other, the optical TAP sits between the two endpoint devices connected directly to each of them. Then traffic is copied and once the traffic is tapped, the copy can be used for any sort of monitoring, security, or analytical use. Thus, fiber optic TAP is a key component of any visibility system.
Two types of optical TAPs are available—active network TAP and passive network TAP. The active network TAP uses electricity for operation while the passive network TAP does not. The active network TAP is mainly used for applications that require manipulation of the signal sent to the monitoring port. This is required only for very specialized applications. Passive network TAP is much more common in enterprise data centers and used for applications that require simple monitoring. More detailedly, passive network TAP provides a simple and powerful way to monitor optical networks. And because of requiring no power and having no electrical components, it is impossible for passive network TAP to be a point of failure when deployed in a production network. And passive network TAP is highly reliable and requires no maintenance. In all, passive network TAP provides access to data flowing across a network, without creating either a location to corrupt data or a prospective point of failure.look at more info

Global income inequality is indeed falling – but we should still be wary

Global income inequality is indeed falling – but we should still be wary

Is global inequality getting worse? Or better? Davos, where I spent most of the past week covering the World Economic Forum, is not a particularly great place to consider such matters.To get more developing stories, you can visit shine news official website.

Despite the presence of many of the most prosperous individuals in the world on the Swiss mountain top, this is an instance where an elevated view doesn’t present a clearer picture.

To answer the question requires a focus on definitions and data – more suited to an academic seminar than a meeting of the world’s “elite” where drafts of hot air are actually more common than bright shafts of insight. But Davos, because of its symbolism, usually inspires an inequality debate.

Oxfam started the week with a report that put them firmly in the “worse” camp. “The world has become a much more unequal place and the trend is accelerating” said the Oxfam boss Winnie Byanyima, pointing to research by the charity which suggested the wealth of the top 62 richest people on the planet is now equal to that of the bottom 50 per cent combined.This prompted a barrage of rebuttals from commentators, arguing the facts were exactly opposite to those laid out by the charity and claiming that global inequality has, in reality, been falling rapidly in recent decades.

So who is correct? To begin to answer that question it’s necessary to clear up some definitions. What do we mean by “inequality”? Are we talking about inequality between average living standards in different nation states? Or do we mean inequality between all the individuals on the planet? The answer to those questions will lead to different pictures. Between the states of the world (unweighted for population) there is, sadly, still not much evidence of convergence.Further, are we talking about inequality of consumption, or income, or wealth? Or maybe we mean inequalities in health, life expectancy and infant mortality? Again, the answers to those questions are critical. A focus on health shows that for most people on the planet, things have been getting better in recent decades as life expectancy has generally increased – although whether they are improving as fast as we ought to expect is a reasonable question.
Oxfam’s research is all about the wealth, or net worth, of individuals across the planet. The charity’s researchers use credible estimates from the business magazine Forbes to tot up the net worth of the richest 1 per cent of tycoons, oligarchs, heirs, heiress and entrepreneurs, in the world. They then make an estimate of the wealth of the least asset rich inhabitants on the planet and compare the two to arrive at their striking figure of relative wealth shares.