Enter Swtor Relics of the Gree until Feb 13 & Upcoming Event

f you have interests in the mysterious purpose of the Gray Secant, join in buy swtor gold of the Gree in-game event and get ready to face a powerful opponent in this ancient vessel. You can see the event rewards below, and know about the Bounty Contract Week event coming later this month.

Swtor Relics of the Gree: for Levels 50+ until Feb 13

The Relics of the Gree event is available now until 4pm PST/12am GMT on February 13, 2018. To start with this event, visit the in-game News Terminal located on Carrick Station in the Republic fleet or Vaiken Spacedock in the Imperial fleet.
Here are the featured rewards you can get from Swtor Relics of the Gree:
Gree Digitization Cube (Gree-themed rest-and-recharge item)
Cyan Sphere (requires Snow Parcels from Life Day Event and Gray Helix Components from the Gree Event)
Reputation with the Gree Enclave
Armor: White, Red, Blue Scalene Armor
Weapons: Gray Helix Weapons, Gray Helix Lightsaber
In-game pets: L1-L Defender, L1-L Scout, Miniature Gray Secant
Mounts: Blue Sphere and Red Sphere Transport Enclosure Vehicles

Swtor Bounty Contract Week event: Feb 20 – Feb 27

Swtor Bounty Contract Week event will begin from February 20 to February 27, 2018. Each day, you can sign up for one standard “Henchman” contract and one high profile Kingpin Contract. Complete five standard contracts to unlock Kingpin missions with bigger loot. See the steps to get started:Buy Now

FINAL FANTASY XIV GO: The APP To Collect Materials In The Real World

GO is short for Gathering Outdoors, an app that literally adds a new dimension to the ffxi gil Online experience, allowing players to come out and collect Eorzea’s natural resources in the real world. These can then be used to manufacture objects and equipment within the game.We want to give a sense of freedom,” says Square Enix vice president of innovation, “We want to make sure that more than 10 million players can gather resources where and when they want, without the restrictions of their PCs or their console. Final Fantasy XIV Online GO creates this freedom by connecting the physical to the digital world, and at the same time promotes social interactions between members of our fantastic community “.

By downloading the app, players can enjoy the combination of the cutting-edge software of Square Enix and the geolocation tools of their mobile phones, on which they will receive notifications about the collection points and natural resources present in their area. When you get close enough to a collection point, you can collect the resource by simply touching the screen, just like inside the game.

In addition to the app, a unique accessory will be available for use in conjunction with players’ mobile phones, which is the Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Harvesting Stick. The Harvesting Stick converts the player’s mobile phone into a pickaxe’s ax, a botanist’s ax or a fishing rod, for use in the real world to gather resources as you would within the game. The Harvesting Stick also increases the success rate of 100% collection.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XIV Online GO and the Harvesting Stick, Adalberta Gardner, chief designer of Amajina Apps, said: “This is the most immersive experience of an MMORPG ever created so far for players of any level and an essential accessory for those who love collecting “. For more information on Final Fantasy XIV Online GO and see the app in action, we recommend watching the video at the opening of news or visit this page. By the way, in case you did not understand it, it’s an April Fool! Rather elaborate, no doubt about it!Click Here

NBA Live Mobile Tips: How to Make Profits in the Game

NBA Live Mobile Tips: How to Make Profits in the Game

Time is money. First of all, in order to get nba mt, you need to spend time in the game. If you are willing to spend time on making NBA Live Mobile Coins to upgrade your lineup, you can check out the guides. If you’d like to spend money in the game, you can directly buy coins. Click to Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins.. Beginners of the game can quickly complete some basic tasks which only require some basic knowledge of the game. It only takes about 10 minutes. After that, you have some coins, but it’s not the best time to invest yet. You also need to make coins by playing games. At the same time, don’t forget to complete Live events where you will be greatly rewarded. Some live events only need to be done once. Physical strength is very important to gamers. As long as you have enough strength, you can make coins. During this stage, it takes some effort and time to make NBA Live Mobile Coins.

2. Next, when you have 100K Coins, you can make coins in a better way. Currently, gamers all open 7500 Coins packs, which results in lots of gold players on the market. You can get started with the gold cards. Buy regular gold card (OVR<79) with less than 2000 coins and sell higher than 3500, because it's impossible to buy the high price. Don't sell at 3500 Coins.

The red cup is currently expensive. You can directly use 5 gold cards to pull the cup and sell it to make NBA Live Mobile Coins. Silver card is 1100 coins, gold cup 5000 and red cup 23000. Buy gold card below 2000 coins. Be prepared with 50 gold cards. It's better to have more gold cards with you since you can pull a red cup by pulling 10 times. You can't not lose by using this method.

3. When you have 500K Coins, you can change your focus from the quantity to quality. Please remember that thing which is rare is dear. Now there are 5 lineups. With some lineups, SF or SG are needed. You can buy these players with low price. This time you should focus on players with more than 80 OVR. Players' prices change with the market, so patience and opportunities are important. www.igxe.com

Learn how to Buy Madden Points from the MUT Store

Two different types of currency are currently used in mutcoin, or Madden Ultimate Team. This currency can be used to buy things such as bundles, packs and other items. All of these items are crucial to success in the game and it important to know how to secure and purchase the items needed to in matchups. There are some items that can only be collected through purchasing while others can be acquired through completing sets or solo challenges or winning Head-to-Head Seasons games. Coins and points are the two kind of currency currently used.

Points specifically can be used to buy packs, items, and bundles in Madden Ultimate Team. Gamers can only purchase MUT points by using Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, where the points total is displayed in the user bar. It is visible right beside the Coins total. It is important to keep in mind that some things, including some bundles, items and packs can only be bought using points and not coins. And gamers can never use their coins to buy points nor can they use their points to buy coins. Points also cannot be earned through achievements in the game like winning games or competing in solo challenges. Lastly, the gamer can purchase points with real-life currency. For example, to purchase 5,800 points would cost $50. To purchase 8,500 points would cost $75 and to purchase 12,000 points cost $100.

There are several different kinds of MUT packs and they vary in terms of their costs. For many gamers, these packs prove to be the most important part of the game, as they can really drive a player’s performance. Without good players, it is nearly impossible to build a solid team. These packs, however, can get expensive to purchase. Many packs are not available all the time, including some that are only available seasonally or are sold only in limited quantity.

Packs can be grouped together by budget so it is important for player’s to know what they are able to spend. For example, if the player’s budget is $6.49, a number of different packs could be purchased including the Thanksgiving Pack, MUT Gear Pack, NFL Playoffs Pack, Movember Pack, All-Pro Packs, The Offseason Booster Pack, Most Feared Pack, and several others. If the player wanted to add to their budget and go up to $12.98, there would be even more options including the Legends Pack, TOTW Pack, BCA Defense Pack, Colour Rush Pack, 7 Pro Pack Bundle and a couple others.Want to buy mut 19 coins from www.mutcoin.com

Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying Madden Coins and MUT Points

It is important to understand exactly how currency works in buy madden mobile coins, particularly because the game revolves around building a solid and reliable lineup in order to be competitive against other gamers. The only real way to build a great lineup is to be able to purchase and use elite players and beat other competitors.

There are two different types of currency used in Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. These currencies are Coins and Points and they allow players to buy packs, bundles and items, all of which are crucial to the gamer’s success in MUT. Several of these same items can be earned by completing Solo Challenges, winning Head-to-Head Seasons games or finishing sets but some can only be purchased with the payment of Points or Coins. This means that the player wants to make sure they always have enough Coins and Points to purchase and acquire everything they need to build the best team possible.

Coins are typically considered to be the more efficient currency in MUT, particularly when it comes to cost. Coins can be earned through finishing different activities in the game but they can also be purchased. Purchasing coins gives the player a quicker way to acquire the players they want and also a faster way to move through the game. Instead of having to complete challenges and head-to-head seasons, the gamer is able to simply buy coins through a vendor and therefore save the time it would take to earn that same number of coins by playing through the game. Some players want to earn their coins while others want to be able to build their perfect team straightaway without having to wait and earn the right number of coins. The player’s individual Coins total is displayed in the user bar strip to the upper right corner of the gamer’s screen. If a player uses, earns, or spends any Coins, the change is reflected in the total. The player is always able to see how many coins they have and determine if they are able to purchase what they need.

Gamers can earn Coins through a variety of actions. These include quicksell, auctions, finishing sets, solo challenges, EA SPORTS Gridiron Club, and Head-to-Head Seasons. Quicksell is an option available to most items and allows the player to sell the item right away for a small amount of coins. Auctions allow for a gamer tow in an item from another gamer. The item’s owner is given the coins that were bid to win the item, minus a transaction fee. Whenever a gamer finishes a set, they are likely to receive a coin reward for finishing. This is similar to competing in solo challenges in that a single-player solo challenge usually includes a coin reward as well. Gamers can also earn coins when a new MUT team is started through the EA SPORTS Gridiron Club. Lastly, there are several milestones when playing Seasons games in competition against other players. Many of these milestones have packs or coins as rewards. The gamer is able to purchase several different items including replacement player items, contract and perhaps most importantly, packs.buy more mut 19 coins Click Here

FIFA 18 Cheap Prime Icons Are Worth To Complete In the FUT 19 Prime Icon SBCs

Legends are different. Some players have already come to this conclusion in the current season of FUT. Since fifa 19 ultimate team coins they are also called differently, namely Icons. For the legendary football stars, however, you have to put down some FIFA coins. But there are also some icons that you can call cheap. We’ll show you the players you do not have to pay that much coins in the Squad Building Challenge (SBC) but are worth your coins.

An FIFA 19 icon is very expensive. Depending on who you have on the list, the price also varies. The so-called Prime Icons are the most expensive. In the transfer market, players are usually even more expensive. That’s why many users in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team use the Squad Building Challenges to afford the football stars of bygone days. Of course you will not get them here as well, but when it comes to saving coins, the FIFA 18 Prime Icon SBCs are a great alternative. Sometimes the cheap players are also invested in more iconic SBCs. For all icons, however, the investment is reconsidered. Make the SBC only if you have a plan, because the players can not be sold and even the cheapest versions cost many coins. In addition, you do not have to complete just one SBC, at least seven must be mastered in the Icon SBCs. Which of the legends is best suited and which is even good for playing, we have collected here.
The Dane was an absolute star in goal during his playing days and is a legend today. The premium version of Schmeichel is currently the cheapest in the game, so the former national goalkeeper is also taken as the basis for more expensive Icons, because often require an Icon for trading. Flattery is in any case the cheapest solution, but in the gate he is often set up. With a 92 overall rating no wonder. Only his speed is not very good and he does not have the famous foot defense in his pocket. Nevertheless, for the price the cheapest legend that you can play or exchange. For flattery you have to master seven challenges and find only four Team of the Week players (there are not fewer), then the legend goalkeeper belongs to you.Want to buy FIFA Coins from www.fifacoinsbuy.com

FIFA 18 PL February POTM Predictions

FIFA 18 PL February POTM Predictions

Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and Huddersfield players were all in line for the new Premier League Player of the Month award for February, 2018. But who came out on top and also won the coveted cheap fifa ultimate team coins PL POTM card? Check out our FIFA 18 PL February POTM Predictions you will find the answer!

It was a busy month to some clubs as Premier League players had to deal with Champions League Final Stage Fixture, FA Cup action also, but after a crazy month which player deserves to pick up the Premier League Player of the Month award? Voted by the fans, the winner will receive a special FIFA 18 POTM card which can be attained by completing a round of Squad Building Challenges on FUT. We look at the contenders for February’s PL Player of the Month award.
Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is definitely looking to be the most likely with 4 goals and 2 assists ( 2 contributions in each game, 2 wins and 1 draw). The highlight was Mohamed Salah was inevitably on the scoresheet as Liverpool took full advantage of the inactivity of their top-four rivals to thrash West Ham United 4-1 at Anfield and provisionally move into second in the Premier League.want know more fut coins news Read More

All Official FIFA 19 World Cup Stadiums List for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

All Official FIFA 19 World Cup Stadiums List for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Free fifa 19 coins World Cup update on May 29! FIFA World Cup provides not only the authentic teams, players, and presentation from the tournament, but also the 12 official stadiums in Russia. Here would share the list of FIFA 19 World Cup Stadiums for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. These authentic stadiums feature incredible atmospheres, high-resolution crowds, as well as various national team banners. So which FIFA World Cup stadium you want to play the match?
Situated in Western Russia, Saint Petersburg Stadium is one of the newest venues for the tournament. This FIFA 18 World Cup stadium features a retractable roof that is part of a design originally titled “The Spaceship.” During Russia’s domestic season, Saint Petersburg Stadium is home to FC Zenit Saint Petersburg.
The Fisht Stadium in Sochi was initially built as a closed arena for the 2014 Winter Olympics, it was reopened specifically for the World Cup and other open-air sports back in 2016.
Since being built in 1957, the Ekaterinburg Arena has had major renovation work on two separate occasions. The most recent renovation was due to its inclusion as one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup venues. With the second-smallest crowd capacity at 35,696, Ekaterinburg is the easternmost of Russia’s FIFA 19 World Cup Stadiums.Buy Now

Final Fantasy XIV Symphony Concert Tour Will Premiere In Hollywood

Final Fantasy XIV Symphony Concert Tour Will Premiere In Hollywood

The Eorzean Symphony’s buy ffxiv gil concert was taking place in Japan: the event is coming to the United States for the first time in June. The Eorzean Symphony concert will premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on June 15-16, 2018.

There’s the full orchestra. There’s the choir. There are the director and composer of the game. Could there possibly be more? Original vocal artist Susan Calloway will be singing renditions of the songs “Answers” and “Dragonsong.”
The two-night event will feature a 100 piece orchestra and a full choir; they’ll perform with full HD video excerpts of the game playing on screens around them. If this wasn’t enough, Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV producer and director) and Masayoshi Soken (sound director and composer) will also be on hand. This has been a long time coming for U.S. based fans of the game who have yearned to have this concert experience.

While the Eorzean Symphony will start the summer here in the U.S., the tour will end across the pond, as the symphony will be doing another two-night concert event in Dortmund, Germany on August 24-25. Playing Final Fantasy is a worldwide phenomenon, Ffxiv gil is important in game; enjoying its beautiful music in a live setting should be one too.www.igxe.com

mut 19 coins Premier League TOTS Squad

mut 19 coins Premier League TOTS Squad

mut coin Premier League Team of the Season has announced by EA Sports at May 5! Leading the pack is Liverpool’s goal-wizard winger (and the PFA Player of the Year) Mohamed Salah, Manchester City’s creative catalyst Kevin De Bruyne, and Manchester United’s big man between the sticks David De Gea.

In addition to the 23 players there’s a 24th player, Tottenham’s LB Ben Davies, who is only available on May 7th as a reward for players who win a FUT Daily Knockout Tournament.
If you haven’t already be sure to pick up some (random) FUT card packs for a chance to win one of these boosted, special cards. A 98 Salah with literally perfect pace and dribbling, and near perfect passing, shooting, and physical, sounds very, very scary. I advise forfeiting immediately if you come across a player with God-tier Salah in the 11-man squad. I will also say this: where the heck is Marcus Alonso?Want to buy mut 19 coins from www.mutcoin.com